Competitive Intelligence in Education

what is competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) supports various companies and corporations, keeping them ahead of their competitors, and at the top of their respective industries. How? By analyzing industry metrics and news using custom algorithms and other methods. Figuring out what your competitors are up to, identifying risks or threats in the education industry, and seeing opportunities for growth before they become apparent to others in your field.


What is competitive intelligence in the field of education? In addition to custom monitoring of your competitors in the education industry, CI would provide a comprehensive overview of the education market, giving you a complete picture of what’s happening, and allowing you to make more informed decisions based on collected data.


It’s widely believed that companies that do not adopt a comprehensive or “big data” analytics strategy within this next year risk losing their competitive edge and market share.


So what is competitive intelligence and why do you need to incorporate it into your business strategy? It’s delivering results to put you in a position above your competition, the knowledge of what’s on the horizon, and affirming you as the go-to in your respective industry.


What is competitive intelligence used by the majority of competitive intelligence companies? These companies provide standard and basic competitive intelligence market research and serve as somewhat of an aggregate news source using general industry keywords. If you’re looking for a competitive intelligence company to better position yourself in the education industry, look for a company that goes beyond being an aggregate news source delivering a generalized market research report.

What is competitive intelligence using ArchIntel standards? It’s combining a team astutely aware of your surroundings and changing landscape in your specific industry; knowledgeable about your obvious (and not so obvious) competitors, the specific algorithms they utilize, and an ability to use the latest cutting edge technology to deliver pertinent and timely results.


Using competitive intelligence services is a growing phenomenon, with more and more industry leaders realizing it to be their “secret weapon” in staying ahead of the game and at the forefront of their industry.


For years this type of customized service was only being utilized by various military and government type agencies and specialized non-public industries, but with the ever-changing climate and increased competition across all industries, people have caught on to using competitive intelligence and have it as one of the most prized tools in their business toolboxes.