What Is Competitive Intelligence?

On average, businesses battle 25 different competitors

A great competitive intelligence process gives your marketing team a competitive advantage over the competition. Businesses should use traditional methods to assess risks and opportunities such as trade shows, social media mentions and analysis of competitor products, however modern competitive strategy involves data that is delivered to stakeholders before the competition is even aware.

Competitive Intelligence Market Research (CI) is more than merely monitoring your competitors. It is providing the information your organization needs to make strategic decisions and be more competitive relative to your entire environment. When a company does a competitive analysis of their competition and has more market intelligence, they are more likely to beat the competition in product launches and creating competitive products.

ArchIntel combines critical CI with Situational Awareness of your marketplace, collaborators, and business climate to produce a timely, 100% customized report that allows your organization to identify opportunities and risks in the market before they become obvious.

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How can a Competitive Intelligence Company Help my Team?

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Competitive intelligence companies exist because of the large amount of data available in the world today. The guidelines of effective corporate planning today must include strategies to identify the competitive info available from the category of business that they are in.

Managers of today are expected to be able to sift through all of the data and create a modern competitive analysis of their industry counterparts.

Proper analysis of your competitors actions and activities needs to be a fundamental part of planning for your organization. Covering new and important business topics helps your company to stay up to date and ahead of the competition.

Archintel’s competitive intelligence reporting and services allow your team to receive detailed and action oriented information so that your marketing team know what they need to cover and produce to stay ahead in your industry. 

Competitive Intelligence Programs

Competitive Intelligence programs are composed of several different components that lead to a complete overview of competition, market changes, and more. By obtaining a universal competitor analysis report of a competitor or a marketplace, any organization can be better prepared to succeed in decision making and organizational adjustments. Moreover, a business strategy that has a global perspective of the competition and the ever evolving landscape will generate an advantage which will lead to more authoritative and engaged choices as long as there is someone available to help guide the process.

Every sales process should utilize primary research to analyze information, but strategic intelligence needs to be acquired in order to understand your complete competitor profile. There certainly are occasions in which standard competitive intelligence methods and operational factors are insufficient for a myriad of reasons. One of these occasions is when collecting defense and aerospace competitive intelligence. Politics and international law make this subject more unique than others.

87% (of Businesses) say their markets have become more competitive in the last three years

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Competitive Intelligence Goals

Once you are able to acquire the intelligence, what is the next step? Moreover, what are the goals of competitive intelligence? There are quite a few factors that go into the goals. However, more than anything, the purpose is to make faster and better decisions. Understanding how intelligence is gathered and for what purpose can help to better understand it and win the war games of gathering information.

Goals of Competitive intelligence
Sentiment analysis

Value of Sentiment Analysis in Competitive Intelligence

In addition to competitive intelligence market research, there are several additional methods to not only collect, but interpret data as well. Sentiment analysis has become an invaluable tool in determining how people think and feel about certain topics. It is generated through interpreting data via sophisticated algorithms. The results can express the felling or sentiments of users in near real time. This allows for adjustments to be made immediately in reaction to thoughts.

Learn about sentiment analysis
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Competitive Intelligence Media Monitoring

What exactly is competitive intelligence media monitoring?

Many organizations use automated tools to deliver market intelligence information on their competitors as well as themselves. These searches are largely keyword based, and while they provide some information, it is often included with a flood of other irrelevant information, and lacking in context. ArchIntel uses a dedicated human research team along with our own automated technology to provide highly filtered, curated reporting, specifically tailored to provide context for your business.

Our Competitive Intelligence services are customizable to your specific industry.


at your Fingertips

Intelligence only has value if you are able to access it. ArchIntel offers multiple touchpoints to access information when you need it.

Report preparation
  • Daily Briefing Reports Delivered by 6am
  • All of your intelligence is tagged and stored on the ArchIntel archive for easy reference, searchability, and sharability.
  • Access your ArchIntel reporting via IoS and Android apps.
  • All of your intelligence is tagged and stored on the ArchIntel archive for easy reference, searchability, and sharability.

87% of enterprises believe Big Data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years. [and] 89% believe that companies that do not adopt a Big Data analytics strategy in the next year risk losing market share and momentum. (Forbes)

Competitive Intelligence Jobs

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Competitive Intelligence Tools

Archintel supplies competitive intelligence tools and marketing strategy for many different industries.  Intelligence training and the CI process are what the competitive intelligence industry demands today.

Competitive Intelligence Managers

Intelligence managers learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors using data collection with competitive intelligence software like Archintel.

Competitive Intelligence Industries

The pharmaceutical industry uses competitive intelligence for drug development, identify competitor data from clinical trials and data collection.

Pharmaceutical companies are hardly the only industry that uses competitive intelligence gathering.  Construction, shipping, software and energy are some of the other largest industries using data to analyze the competition.

Get job alerts and learn about the newest competitive intelligence job postings and opportunities.

INDUSTRIES using ArchIntel

Learn about how Archintel’s proprietary Competitive Intelligence and Daily Briefing Reports can help you dominate the competition in your industry!

ARCHINTEL Competitive Intelligence Applications

ArchIntel’s combination of proprietary algorithms and human intelligence allows us to source customer, market, and competitive intelligence market research across multiple platforms and uncover information not available through automated searches, including:


What awards/honors have been bestowed on your competition?

Board Reporting

Keep your board informed of competitors actions

Case Studies

Track your competitors case studies

Conferences/Trade Shows

What conferences and trade shows are your competitors appearing at and sponsoring?

Contract Awards

What contracts has your competition won?

competitive intelligence process
Corporate Communications

Track your competition’s external communications

Corporate Social Responsibility

What are your competitors charitable initiatives?


Track your competitors business divestitures and spinoffs

Executive Appointments

Track executive movement within your competitors

Financial Reporting

Track your competition’s financial reporting

competitive intelligence reports
Foreign Investment

Track your competition’s foreign investment and supply chain

Funding & Private Equity

Track sources of funding and investment in your competition

Government Affairs

Track lobbying activity by your competitors

Hiring Activity

Track hiring and recruitment by your competitors


What industry and trade associations are your competitors involved with?

what is competitive intelligence

What associations or affiliations are your competitors part of?

Investor Relations

Track financial disclosures by your competitors

Legal Documents

Track legal filings by your competitors


What legal action has been taken by, or against, your competitors?

Market Research

Stay informed on market conditions that have the potential to impact you and your competitors

competitive intelligence programs
Marketing Materials

Stay abreast of your competitors marketing campaigns

Media Kits

Gain access to your competitors media kits


Where is your competition meeting and travelling to?

New Initiatives/Projects

What areas are your competitors moving into?

New Ownership/Investors

Track new ownership and investment in your competition

competitive intelligence companies
New Technology

What technology innovations are taking place within your competition?


Who are your competitors partnering with?

Patent/Trademark Filings

What patents and trademark applications are your competition applying for?

Product Reviews

What are customers saying about your competition’s products and services?


Track internal movement within your competitors

goal of competitive intelligence
Real Estate Transactions

Where, and what type of, real estate transactions is your competition making?

Recalls/Safety Info

Track recalls and warnings on your competitors products

Recruiting Trends

Where, and how, is your competition recruiting talent?

Regulatory Filings

What filings has your competition made with governing bodies and regulatory agencies?

RFP's and RFI's

What Requests for Proposals and Information has your competition responded to or posted?


How is your competition selling their goods/services?

competitive intelligence examples
Sales Collateral

What materials are your competition using to sell to prospects and customers?

State/Local Permits

What permits are your competition applying for at the state and local level?

Stock Activity

Track the stock performance of your competitors.

Social Media

How is the competition presenting themselves on social media and who are their influencers?


What types of webinars are your competition hosting?