Archintel’s Custom Cloud Based Digital Library and Secure Archive

Organizes, stores and utilizes a completely customized and specifically configured library of online, searchable and highly customized daily news on (Insert)Industry, competition, technology, financial and other configurable open source intelligence.

Your information is built on specific categories of information that you choose. ArchIntel dimensionalizes your intelligences, and finally contextualizes the amalgam of open source data hiding from the market in plain site.

We add structure to the world of unstructured data for government agencies.


  • Follow the latest announcements and investments from your competitors in government agencies.
  • See which events are sponsored, what business they win and what secondary level information is available about them.
  • Read the latest announcements from your government agency competitors to see how they position themselves.
  • Build your media list by including the new sources of data ArchIntel will uncover based on which stories are collected and picked up and indexed by search engines on government agencies.
  • Use the power of custom algorithms build to uncover and unlock the stories with the most value and focus.
  • Get ahead of the Sun with globally based resources capable of producing fully customized news for early morning delivery on your agency.
  • Sentiment Tagging of Competitor mentions (Positive, Neutral, Negative) help you build better product strengths for your government agency.
  • New Technology in the industry is difficult to track but ArchIntel can use custom algorithms to reveal the unthreaded information you need to uncover.
  • See what events your government agency competitors are sponsoring to develop their own event strategy, and find out who they are targeting and who is sponsoring their events
  • Find ways to create content or social networks for events you can not attend.

Office openings, leadership changes, and more.

  • You will have the ability to monitor strengths and weaknesses of your competitors with insider information from employee feedback.
  • Look at the changes in the leadership team, reorganizations and key personnel joining or leaving the government agency.
  • Monitor leadership team changes that are joining or leaving a government agency Get notified about new roles that are open and focal points.
  • Monitor competitive job postings to augment your own job placements and competitive compensation insight
  • Find what employees are saying about their government agency and identify strengths and weaknesses within the organization
  • Track not only specific companies but specifically follow leaders and executives in government agencies that show up in surprising places.


Open the aperaturemas wide or narrow as you would like in order to collect “About us” information.

  • ArchIntel is NOT a media monitoring company but we target and report on specific media intelligence
  • We go beyond Monitoring by contextualizing what the media is.covering NOT how much media is covering
  • Monitor potential threat content, threat vectors and orthogonal threats from emerging technologies within and outside government agencies
Board report


See which customers, partners and executive and leaders of consequence post news, receive coverage and market intelligence.

  • See which reviews and case studies are presented and watch trends.
  • Check when a customer has updated their site long before announcements are made or in many cases, not made at all.
  • Learn about the product strategy based on added or deleted partners.


See which of your competitors are showing up on the web so that you can create differentiated content and learn information about your audience and keywords for government agencies.

  • Check the latest blog posts, videos, ebooks and other indexed and searchable postings.
  • Identify specific third party sites you would like tracked, behind the firewall if you have a license.
  • Identify how to create better content, differentiated content based on topics and middle topics.
  • Find out which channels are best for your competitors so you can also move to promote your competing content.


Check what the competitors in government agencies are winning and new contracts that are sign.

  • Stay on top of your competition’s big wins.
  • Revenues of competitors in the same field.
  • Contract wins by competitors in government agencies.
Financial services
Executive briefing


  • Legal Settlements of competitors in government agencies
  • Tariffing issues in government agencies