What is a Daily News Summary?

Daily news source

What is a Daily News Summary?

In our current day news is more readily available than ever. This is why ArchIntel offers daily news summaries as one of our competitive intelligence features. By indulging in our daily news updates, you are ensuring that any industry or competitor news that we find is delivered to you as soon as we find. These intelligence briefings will offer you with the most current information, making sure that you are always in the loop and connected with us.

From the moment you open a web browser, you are bombarded with headlines, announcements, and reports. Scrolling through social media can give you more news stories than a newspaper can hold in a fraction of the time. In the last decade, it has become more common to learn of a celebrity death or major event from Twitter rather than anywhere else. With access to all of this news at any time of day from anywhere, it can be hard to keep straight what is truly important, and what is real or fake.

With the ease of access for people to search for news, many publications have arisen trying to capitalize on a captive audience’s need to know what is going on. With so many news sources out there, it can be hard to figure out where to start looking for reputable news updates, especially if you are looking for news in relation to a specific subject. You can utilize long established, traditional news sources but you’ll be missing out on the bigger picture; especially if you’re looking for business news for your industry.

Looking at general news to inform yourself is one thing but if you are looking to stay up to date on the news of your own industry or market you should expect to put a little more thought into where that information is coming from. Getting accurate information, in a timely manner, is vital to staying active in your job. Without being properly informed there can be major consequences when it comes to making decisions and relaying information. Having a well-structured daily news summary is the true solution to this problem. Not only does it keep you up to date, but it is also convenient.

Daily news summary

What Do Daily News Summaries Entail?

Daily news summaries are far more than just general headlines that you could find yourself. We are offering insight into brand and market awareness, news about competitors, news about partners, and other key issues related to your industry. Each daily summary is customized to your industry, as well as any key areas of interest you are looking to have frequent updates about. For example, you may have a competitor launching a new product or expanding markets, we can ensure that you see every valuable piece of information we can find about their actions. Likewise, we can omit other components of our competitive intelligence research if they aren’t a priority for you and you would rather wait to hear about it from our final report. This way we are only providing you with the information you want and need, rather than creating a hindrance to your daily routine.

All of these daily briefings will be archived in our interactive cloud-based library. This way you can access previous updates for later reference as well as having the freedom to access them via desktop or mobile. One of the biggest values of competitive intelligence is to have real data to back up decision making. If we find something of relevance to your upcoming meeting, having that research might just be the persuasion you need to get the approval to get things going. Our daily briefings are made to be referenced with ease for that reason.

Competitive intelligence information allows your company to be more informed about the landscape in which you do business. Because of this we want to make sure that you can easily share these briefings within your company. As part of our archival cloud database, anyone in your company can be given access, allowing for information to be easily transmitted throughout the office and company as a whole. Implementing new ideas and making suggestions always works better when everyone is equally educated on the subject.

Daily News Summary

Benefits of a Daily News Summary

While you can already guarantee top tier competitive intelligence reporting just from our general competitive intelligence services, what makes daily news summaries such a worthwhile addition? An official competitive intelligence report may have all of our findings and analysis for the current period in which we are researching but a daily news summary allows for contemporary and conducive information to be accessed by your business at ease and on a frequent basis.

Being up to date on industry activity on a daily basis allows for your business to be at a great advantage over your competitors. Your competitors might be conducting competitive intelligence investigations of their own but it is highly unlikely that they are getting day to day updates. Keeping an eye on your competitors is already a benefit to your business but that benefit is greatly amplified when you’re getting daily updates. This way you can guarantee you are not missing any action and that you are hearing about it as soon as it happens.

One of the biggest threats to businesses is their inability to adapt to a changing landscape. It is hard to find an industry that hasn’t changed in the last 30 years. Whether it be technological advancements, a change in consumer tastes, new legislation, new competitors, or a combination of them all every company has had to make changes to stay relevant. Too often we hear about companies who went from top of their industry to bankrupt. Too often these downfalls are due to companies falling into complacency overly confident that they will stay where they are forever. No company is impervious to this scenario but staying informed on the latest technological advancements in your industry, new competitors, and old competitor’s habits is a great way to make sure you at least have the information to adapt.

Not every update is a sign of end times. Keeping informed allows for you to figure out how to properly assess a threat. Some threats may just turn out to be passing trends, maybe updating to new technology has slowed your competitor’s business down due to the learning curve and technical difficulties. Learning about your competitor’s advancements, seeing what the positives and negatives are, can be a great way to avoid these problems for your own business.

While you don’t want to just be playing catch up with your competitors, learning what does and doesn’t work for them can inform ways in which you want to change your business. Maybe learning which direction your competitors decide to take influences you to take things in the other direction. If a competitor is looking to expand into a new territory or looking to launch a new product line maybe you will want to double down in a market you already know and are confident in. Each scenario is different and when you are getting daily updates it can be fully unique.

Choosing the daily news source

The Best Daily News Summary for My Business

Each daily news summary is a unique briefing of our competitive intelligence research. For one the information is inherently unique to your business and industry, but the amount and type of information provided in your briefing can be altered to fit your needs. Some industries might be faster paced than others. For this reason, it might be more important to set guidelines on what kinds of information are higher priorities to your operations. We don’t want to be providing you with information that quickly becomes outdated if you aren’t looking to take immediate actions for every change we notice. Likewise, we want to make sure you are getting an adequate amount of valuable information. Setting up these guidelines for our reporting is already something we take into consideration when it comes to creating comprehensive competitive intelligence reports, but we want to make sure all information we provide you with is of some value to you.

There are some other factors you can consider as well when devising a daily news summary expectation. Maybe your industry is cyclical. If you and your competitors have a high drive in revenue for the holidays it might be good for us to consider some of the strategies competitors are taking in the months leading up, as well as the sales numbers after the fact. Maybe there are specific trade shows we should focus our attention on to make sure no update is missed. Many companies and their competitors share a similar fiscal year that is unique to that industry. All of these factors, and more, can be taken into account to make sure the most relevant information is reported on at the right time. Giving us a few insights into how your industry operates and which priorities you value is a great way to help us speed up the process of gathering intelligence and making our analysis.