Upcoming UC San Diego Extension Webinar to Focus on Jobs-to-be-Done Framework

UC San Diego Extension is hosting a webinar titled “How Can You Stay Ahead of the Competition?

The hour-long event, scheduled for March 19, will be headlined by Sonia Steinway, a principal at strategy consulting firm Artemis Connection.

Steinway will discuss how business professionals can utilize the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to gain a competitive edge. She will explain how the framework can help business professionals figure out what they need to offer in order to stand out from the competition and anticipate where their competitors are headed.

Participants will also find out how the framework can be used to identify current and potential competitors.

As a principal for Artemis Connection, Steinway helps non-profit and for-profit organizations and government agencies develop strategies, implement new business models and adapt to evolving competitive realities to realize their mission.

Her areas of expertise include strategy design and implementation, vision setting and execution, digital transformation, go-to-market strategy, business operations and product management.

She is also a venture partner at Interlock Capital, a community-driven angel syndicate and VC fund.

She used to serve as the chief executive officer of Outside Financial, a fintech startup dedicated to helping car buyers and owners understand their financing options. As the startup’s founder, she took charge of matters relating to operations, legal, tax, compliance, business development, strategic partnerships, product creation, public speaking and marketing.

Steinway considers herself a recovering attorney. Previously, she was a judicial law clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals and the Delaware Supreme Court.