SalesRobot Retained by ArchIntel™ for CRM Provider Integration Work

Sales robot

Tysons Corner, VA, August 18, 2017 – SalesRobot has been retained by ArchIntel™ to integrate the ArchIntel Daily Competitive Intelligence Briefing into CRM providers’ platforms, such as Salesforce.

The contract calls for SalesRobot to integrate each day’s ArchIntel Briefing into CRM providers’ platform, creating a tab that leads to an interactive version of the morning’s Briefing, cutting out the need to switch between a CRM platform and the user’s email application.

Work on the integration will begin in mid-August, and is expected to be completed by the beginning of September 2017.

ArchIntel delivers highly-customized Daily Competitive Intelligence to organizations, similar to services such as Bulletin Intelligence. Leveraging a sophisticated open-source media gathering platform, ArchIntel researchers refine information to deliver actionable intelligence to its customers. By integrating the ArchIntel platform into CRM platforms, companies using these services will be able to access that morning’s ArchIntel Briefing via their own CRM platform account. This capability will enable customers to quickly access all relevant information housed on both platforms with ease. Once integrated, the ArchIntel daily competitive intelligence news feed within the CRM platform will be able to provide customers with highly-customized and timely information about customers, prospects, competitors, partners and suppliers, technology or solutions, and industry trends.

“By integrating our ArchIntel Daily Competitive Intelligence Briefing into CRM providers’ platforms we will be able to provide a new way of interacting with data to our customers,” said Jim Garrettson, President and Founder of ArchIntel. “Combining the information researched and presented by ArchIntel Briefings with the CRM platforms will aid our customers by greatly enhancing the speed and ease of retrieving the valuable information provided by the ArchIntel Briefing.”

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