Mobile Infra Company Mason Seeks Product Marketing Manager

Mason, a company that provides mobile infrastructure to developers of smart hardware products, is accepting applications for the role of product marketing manager.

Reporting to Mason’s head of marketing, the manager will help shape how the company engages with audiences and how it commercializes its products and services.

The job involves a broad understanding of the competitive landscape to put Mason into a competitive position.

The selected applicant is also tasked with ensuring that Mason’s message will resonate with its personas and validate its positioning, according to a job announcement posted on LinkedIn.

The manager’s responsibilities also include helping other in-house teams with sales enablement, strategy development and product launches. 

Mason noted that the product marketing manager will largely use and rely on market intelligence to grow the company’s business.

The mobile infrastructure provider noted in its LinkedIn job posting that applicants must have at least eight years of professional experience in sales or marketing and more than three years of experience in product marketing. 

The job also requires having experience within mobile infrastructure and software-as-a-service companies. 

According to the advertisement, the product marketing manager will be based in Remote, Oregon. 

Mason, which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, serves clients that are working to build patient engagement solutions in hospitals, electronic data capture for clinical trials and electronic logging for trucking, among others. 

One of its solutions is a turn-key product that offers end-to-end control over everything, from hardware and operating systems to device management and data plans.