Gollgi Launches Open-Market Platform That Prioritizes Human Needs

Gollgi Logo

Gollgi, a company that offers a business-to-business marketplace, has unveiled a new search platform that provides a more streamlined process of matching product requests made by businesses with sellers that produces relevant and appropriate offerings. 

Unlike a machine-based search engine that focuses on automation, Gollgi’s open-market network retains human intervention to simplify the assessment of each request made by buyers and sellers. It retains human intuition, providing users the ability to assess searches case by case. 

While traditional search platforms like Google use thousands of web crawlers, algorithms, automated scripts and bots to guide a user through a search, they sometimes fall short in providing relevant results, especially for manufacturers and businesses looking for suppliers.

In a statement, Gollgi explained that its open-market tool is a first-of-its-kind search platform that brings the power of human intervention and reasoning to avoid presenting irrelevant results.

“Online search engines aren’t providing the answers to increasingly specific and particular searches,“ said Eitan Koren, founder and president of Gollgi

Koren added that businesses and manufacturers need a platform that retains human intervention, which he said is an irreplaceable element in e-commerce. 

Through the new search tool, users can identify the exact products or vendors that they require without any diversion, allowing companies to reduce time spent in looking through vast amounts of search results 

The new e-commerce platform does not collect user data and compared to tools such as Shopify or Wix, Gollgi allows customers to open a store without requiring payment. 

Gollgi advertises items for sale with zero monthly fees and does not involve itself in the trade or charge commission upon each sale. 

The London, U.K.-based company was established in 2016 to provide an infrastructure that offers an alternative protocol to conventional search engines that solely focuses on user requests.