Executive Spotlight: Interview with Ashish Khot, Chief Executive Officer, TechnoMile

Company success

Recently, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Ashish Khot, the chief executive officer for TechnoMile regarding the company’s growing success, the challenges facing the company, the partnership with ArchIntel and the need to support innovation in order to provide customers with the best service.

Prior to joining TechnoMile, Khot served as the co-founder and chief technology officer for uKnow.com, Inc., the director of product development for buySAFE, INC. and leadership positions with other companies.

ExecutiveBiz: 2018 was a successful year for TechnoMile. How will you capitalize on the market in 2019 to continue your success?

Khot: Over the years, many companies within the industry invested a lot of money in software applications. However, they never saw enough ROI to continue making those investments. What we are doing differently is keeping our focus on the solutions that are already in the marketplace and have their own business functions, which enables organizations to easily adopt this platform.

2018 was a stressful year for us, but we saw a lot of continued growth on our platform and gained some exciting new customers. We want to continue to invest and evolve our platform with the newest technologies. Our customers primarily adopt our platform from the business development side. In the last few years, we’ve expanded our capabilities along with tools for program managers to achieve operational efficiency in the delivery process.

We’re implementing machine learning, incorporating AI and business intelligence and forming partnerships with industry leaders. For instance, we partnered with ArchIntel to bring in the intelligence platform. We combine our tools with all the actionable data on the ArchIntel platform to meet the needs and provide direction to our customers.

ExecutiveBiz: After 20 years in the market, what are some of the most effective strategies you’ve seen that yield results and make an impact?

Khot: Year after year, the key differentiator is innovation and bringing innovation to customers. The key is putting everything together in an innovative way to deliver value to our customers. We are continuously encouraging our employees to find new ways to create value for our customers.

The most effective strategy for us has been building a culture of innovation and really encouraging that concept amongst our employees so they’re always at the forefront. We need to embrace complex problems our customers have and solve them. I think those are the right strategies for any organization to obtain good results and continue their success in the future.

ExecutiveBiz: What are some of the greatest challenges you’re facing as CEO of TechnoMile?

Khot: The technological landscape continues to change rapidly, but many companies continue to do the same thing over and over again. The influx of new technology, a lot of M&A activity and the expectations for profit margins from board members or shareholders continue to rise as well.

Many organizations also have a very large commercial and federal business. Federal contractors are often pushed into using some products and software that isn’t tailored for their needs. Through innovation, we’re addressing how to use data and develop your organization to really compete in this marketplace.

A lot of attention is on the ‘voice’ of the customer. We’re working so closely with our customers that their challenges often become our challenges as well. We also need to be aware of all the possible opportunities in the landscape. This is something that we are doing consistently and fostering innovation because the federal government and the procurement process is always changing. We’re just staying ahead of that to be able to support our customers, and I think we’re doing a fantastic job.