Competitive Intelligence Experts in the Cybersecurity Industry

The year 2020 is a period when cyberattacks will continue to rise and come from isolated hackers and nation-state threat actors, according to Terry Griffin, a training specialist in security at IT training center DDLS

In his article posted on the EC-Council website, he discusses the trends and threats that will affect the global cybersecurity industry

The first trend is 5G implementation. With the technology, data volumes and the number of connected devices and sensors will experience a significant rise. As such, the advent of 5G will translate to high levels of security breaches and data theft.

Another development is advances in artificial intelligence. Griffin says the trend is bringing machine learning technologies into products throughout the entire market segment including cybersecurity. He adds that cybercriminals are taking advantage of AI advancements to develop complex malware attack methods.

One of the threats facing the cybersecurity industry is ransomware and malware. Griffin likewise says the dangers to cloud computing are bound to rise. Mobile phones will be a big target as well.

In light of these trends and threats, it is important for companies in the industry to be aware of the goings on in the market. To do so, having a competitive intelligence expert on hand is helpful. The following are profiles of competitive intelligence specialists working for some of the biggest names in the U.S. cybersecurity industry.