ArchIntel Releases ‘State of Competitive Intelligence: Through the Lens of the Competitive Intelligence Executive’ Compendium

ArchIntel, a provider of concise actionable open source market and competitive intelligence reports to business leaders, has released its first compendium called, “The State of Competitive Intelligence: Through the Lens of the Competitive Intelligence Executive.

The compendium summarizes the insights provided by the field’s leading CI practitioners to the US federal sector from the first 22 interviews of ArchIntel’s “Competitive Intelligence Spotlight” Series, featuring: 

Anthony Verna of Cubic Mission Solutions

Chad Ehrmantraut of Perspecta

Robin Riviere and Jennifer Marrion of SAIC

Joel Koerber of ICF

Todd Fitzgerald of Leidos

Jennifer Kauffman of Cybercore Technologies

Valerie Roberts of Jacobs

Tim Tibbits of Concurrent Technologies

Chris Reichert of Hexagon US Federal

John Foley of DSA

Amy Hutchins of IBM

Adam Harrison of PAE

Steven Stratton of Forcepoint

Gerald Werner of Maximus

Jeremy Ross of Trace Systems

Lisa Faherty-Vance of Vectrus

Ezmeralda Sager of Booz Allen Hamilton


Rick Herrmann of Intel

Ronald “Fog” Hahn of Amentum

Becky John of ECS Tech and counting…

Visit ArchIntel to read the full compendium from the Competitive Intelligence Spotlight Series.

“‘The State of Competitive Intelligence’ Compendium provides an inside look from the firsthand experiences of competitive intelligence executives of consequence who personally drive company success through a fiercely competitive landscape while collecting and analyzing the highest quality analytic and predictive information available,” said Jim Garrettson, CEO of ArchIntel

CI practiced ethically and with discipline best allocates an organization’s resources towards the most promising opportunities while improving the company itself through informed product and service enhancement,“ Garrettson continued.

ArchIntel State of Competitive Intelligence


As an industry leading firm in the competitive intelligence field and competitive intelligence reporting, ArchIntel offers the compendium to inform the government contracting (GovCon) and federal markets about the current challenges and drivers of success that affect the state of open- source competitive intelligence.

While competitive intelligence is driven by competition and technology, it’s also driven by a “Community of Common Concern (CCC)” and the highest possible standard of ethics to maintain the constructive rules of engagement and mutual respect within the field.

“The State of Competitive Intelligence” Compendium presents the inside look of how CI practitioners preserve those standards, address the ever-evolving influence of emerging technology and leave the door of opportunity open for anyone to succeed in the competitive and market intelligence sector. 

Please visit to read the The State of Competitive Intelligence: Through the Lens of the Competitive Intelligence Executive” Compendium in its entirety. We will continue to update this compendium with new interviews and the latest topics surrounding the market.

You can find all of ArchIntel’s “Competitive Intelligence Spotlight” interviews on ArchIntel.