ShadowDragon, Soft Strategy to Offer Cyber Investigation Training Tools in Europe

Italian management consulting company Soft Strategy has partnered with cybersecurity solutions developer ShadowDragon to provide public and private companies with investigative training capabilities to strengthen their cyber defenses.

As part of the partnership, Soft Strategy will be licensed to sell ShadowDragon tools to enable all classes of customers within Europe and Italy to identify, monitor, map and respond to potential cyber risks.

ShadowDragon collects and analyzes information from open-source resources, social media and the dark web to support intelligence and proprietary protocol analysis and collection activities.

Cyber intelligence training solutions to government, military and commercial organizations are also provided, ShadowDragon said.

Francesco Faenzi, director of digital trust at Soft Strategy, said the availability of the ShadowDragon investigative tools and training in Europe will help fight cyber crime and expand the portfolio of capabilities of the company’s clients.

“We are pleased to have the privilege of training the trainers to enable the greatest success to Soft Strategy and the customers they serve. This partnership is also enabling the capability to be transferred during a time when traveling is questionable,” ShadowDragon CEO Daniel Clemens said.

ShadowDragon’s investigators design courses to provide individuals in all experience and technical skill levels with hands-on training on how to identify, collect and verify open-source intelligence.

The courses are designed to help investigators conduct complex investigations and integrate OSINT analysis, monitoring and targeting.

The company said it is offering a one-day course on OSINT collection and analysis available for new users and early-stage cyber analysts and investigators.

The instructor-led training will cover the basics of using ShadowDragon methodologies and investigative tools, such as SocialNet, OIMonitor, MalNet, AliasDB and Spotter.

Advanced cyber analysts, digital forensic investigators and law enforcement and government cyber analysts can also participate in a two-day hands-on training course that includes interactive scenario-based exercises designed to challenge their capabilities.

ShadowDragon said the advanced course is the first to merge recon, OSINT and investigative skills into a full immersive experience.