Helix Technology Launches BI Platform for Cannabis Cultivation

Helix Technologies has expanded its suite of services with the release of a cultivation business intelligence platform for the cannabis industry.

The new platform, known as Cannalytics, provides deep insights into cannabis production that allows growers to monitor and forecast yields, predict harvests, track yields on a strain by strain basis and maximize working capital with an inventory management system.

Speaking about the platform’s release, Garvis Toler, Helix Technologies’ president of data services, said Cannalytics enables the company to empower the cultivation market with data analytics and deliver industry-leading insights to over 30 other legal cannabis markets, MarTechSeries reported.

Toler attributed Helix Technologies’ ability to offer relevant statistical data sets to its customers to the company’s dual leadership in commercial and government contracts and deeply integrated infrastructure.

According to the Cannalytics page, the platform facilitates intelligent business decision-making across the cannabis industry owing to a combination of data analysis and machine learning algorithms. Helix Technologies also designed Cannalytics as a mobile-friendly platform that offers on-demand data and automated daily email reports.

In addition to providing cultivation data, the platform informs organizations in the cannabis industry of relevant sales data. It notifies cannabis growers of customer locations and provides easy-to-view heatmaps that detail product purchases of certain demographics.

The platform also provides a dashboard that allows companies with multiple locations to track their overall performance. The dashboard shows how company locations fare against each other and offers an on-year comparison of the company’s business performance. Cannalytics users can also access visualizations of dispensary progress and regional-scale sales comparisons.

Helix Technologies has three other brands that offer operating services for the cannabis industry, such as Helix Biotrack, Helix Exchange and Helix Security. The brands provide a means for cannabis tracking, transparent and reliable cannabis purchase transactions and secure business operations.