Capital Group Looking for Business Intelligence Specialist

Capital Group, an investment management company based in Los Angeles, California, is looking to hire a full-time business intelligence specialist.

The role entails providing leadership in designing and building complex business intelligence solutions that would promote information delivery, insights enablement and self-service. The role’s leadership function also applies to evaluating emerging technologies and their applications in investment-management data needs, Capital Group posted on LinkedIn.

The successful candidate is also expected to address investment management data needs by drawing on data analysis skills, business expertise and industry best practices.

To further develop and promote Capital Group’s investment-management data strategy, the business intelligence specialist is expected to work closely with the company’s leadership and information technology team, senior business leaders and key stakeholders. The BI specialist will have to mentor and guide team members and actively participate in associate development as well.

Capital Group is specifically looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics, engineering, computer science or any related field. The ideal candidate must have prior experience using human-centered design and design thinking methodologies, as well as big data tools / capabilities and machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Additionally, he or she must have prior experience working in the investment and wealth management industry. The role also requires expertise in data analysis, data visualization tools, structured query language and data warehousing and data mining, among other things.

Following its inception in 1931, Capital Group has established itself as one of the leading investment management companies worldwide. The company is home to the American Funds and manages over $1.9T in assets.