Apex Systems Posts Vacancy for Business Intelligence Project Manager

Apex Systems, an information technology and services company headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia, is looking for a business intelligence project manager to join the company’s global sales, marketing and operations team.

The mid-senior level role entails a commitment to operations management and program infrastructure development. The successful candidate is expected to help identify partner needs and generate partner insights, Apex Systems posted on LinkedIn.

In addition, the business intelligence project manager will be involved in customer partner experience relationship measurement and connected customer analysis and insights. He or she will also track the company’s progress through monthly presentations.

Other key responsibilities for the role include red carpet reporting and field assistance, surveying immediate response opportunities, top marks monitoring and chasing and investigation and troubleshooting.

The role also entails monthly partner experience reporting, strategic improvement initiative project management support and open office and key connection meeting orchestration.

Apex Systems is looking for candidates with project and program management skills. The ideal candidate must also be adept at using PowerPoint, Excel and PowerBI and must have excellent cross business collaboration and communication skills.

The selected business intelligence project manager will be hired under a 12-month contract and will work either remotely or at Bellevue, Washington.

Founded in 1995, Apex Systems caters to 70 markets across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The company drives better client results through a wide range of services including workforce mobilization, modern enterprise solutions and digital innovation.