SCIP to Hold Sales Battlecards Workshop

Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals is hosting a virtual workshop centered around improving organizations’ sales battlecard strategy and program.

The workshop will be held from Aug. 4 to 5 and Aug. 11 to 12. After the course, participants are expected to build better battlecards and increase their organization’s return on investment from the intelligence tool, SCIP posted.

Workshop topics include understanding sales workflows, shadowing sales calls and managing information overload. Instructors will also compare the pros and cons of static and dynamic battlecards.

To encourage the development of better battlecard strategies and programs, the instructors will dive into the intricacies of building a business case, navigating complex sales / buying processes and senior leadership buy-in.

In addition, the workshop will demonstrate how to gain increased ROI from battlecards through discussions on feedback loops, metrics and reporting and tech and systems integration.

Lessons learned from the workshop would alleviate battlecard program weaknesses. SCIP has identified a few symptoms of a sub-par battlecard program, including outdated formats, poor adoption, organizational misalignment and insufficient communication. The group has also observed that many battlecards are focused on the wrong thing, as they highlight features and benefits instead of approaches to solve buyers’ problems.

SCIP is hosting the workshop for battlecard creators, including product management, product marketing and competitive intelligence professionals, as well as key stakeholders including members of sales, sales operations and marketing teams.

The workshop will be headed by CompeteIQ founder Ed Allison. He will be accompanied by guest speakers from NetSuite, Poly and PGi.

SCIP is a global nonprofit community of intelligence strategists dedicated to leveraging insights and best practices to drive growth and reduce risk in strategic choices. The group encourages consulting and advisory firms, technology providers, universities and nonprofits to embrace strategic decision-making.