Andy Black Associates to Host RIS OSINT Methodology Training Course

Andy Black Associates is hosting a three-day open source intelligence training course centered around the Reuser’s Information Services OSINT methodology.

The Pathfinder XXI course, scheduled for Sept. 22 to 24, will enable participants to utilize the methodology to extract relevant information from open sources and execute a systematic research plan for market research, investigations, intelligence production, fact-checking techniques or vulnerability testing.

Discussions will explore topics including the best and obscure search engines, social media monitoring, the deep web / dark web, building an OSINT research station, finding hidden information on photographs, creating a search plan and managing millions of search results, according to an announcement posted on Eventbrite.

The first day of the course is referred to as the “mindset day” as it will provide an overview of the OSINT research process, including the RIS methodology, as well as planned, systematic and structured research. The first day will also dive into the concept of the internet filter bubble and other research-critical developments on the internet. In addition, participants will learn how to hide search traces and discover the optimal machine for searching.

Dubbed as the “research day,” the second day will kick off with a discussion about question analysis. The session is slated to teach participants how to deconstruct a problem and analyze a research subject to get actionable intelligence. Among other things, the research day will go over the information landscape, open sources, the “onion” network and the dark web browser called Tor.

The third day, called the “strategy day,” will initially discuss how to construct smart queries in search engines to get precise results. Participants will also learn how to start a dossier technique to monitor search results for evidence recording or scientific purposes. The three-day course will conclude with discussions on RIS search strategy, including ways to find highly relevant search results.

Participants will get the chance to participate in real-time exercises and gain access to the RIS OSINT research machine, a fully adapted Firefox browser, and the RIS OSINT handbook.

Andy Black Associates is hosting the course for analysts and researchers working in conflict areas, librarians and information professionals who work for the government, scientific researchers, investigative journalists, historians and cyber crime experts.

The course will be led by Arno Reuser, a 30-year veteran in information handling and processing. Reuser is a professional librarian and information scientist who established the Open Source Intelligence Bureau for the Dutch Defense Intelligence and Security Service. He also serves as the senior policy adviser for OSINT and cyber at the Dutch Ministry of Defence.